This is truly one of my most rewarding classes to teach. It was born from the local MS nurse (a true saint of a lady) attending one of my other classes and asking if I could offer a class that she could tell her patients about. 

The timing was fabulous because I had nearly completed my Yoga therapy training, so was looking for ways to use it. Well it's now 2022 and the class is still running. It has a new day and a new time from the 8th July. 

The class is open to anyone (not exclusive to people with MS) who may find a typical class a bit of a struggle. You can see from the post pic that many of the standing poses are very adaptable to the chair. 

There is an option to do a standing balance and some floor work. A lovely relaxation at the end of the class. For a peak in to what might happen in class have a look at my ITGV videos, which feature some of the stuff we might do. 

I truly love this class the students are amazing - they don't give up - even with the trials some of them face day to day. 

If you think this class might help you please get in touch. DM me, leave a comment, see my website for more information, email!! Whatever you like!

I'm here with my vast yoga toolbox - there's something in it for everyone!!