The most recognisable and commonly used meditation mudra. It helps you to tune in to yourself bringing about a sense of peace and harmony.??


The upturned palms inviting you to merge with a higher consciousness and receive energy. Strengthening mental capacity.


The thumb symbolizes universal consciousness and the index finger the individual consciousness. They merge as we hold the two together.


When we hold this mudra palms turned down it is called Jnana (wisdom) mudra. It promotes intuition and has a feeling of being grounded. Creating a desire for peace.


I tend to hold Jnana mudra if I do pranayama or meditate in the evenings, so that I don't get too energised, which may disturb my sleep. And always at the end of meditation to make sure I haven't got to airy!! Chin mudra is great for me in the morning to get my mind going!!??


This is just my experience practice them yourself and see what happens!! ??......