Here is an overview of the benefits you may experience from partaking in a gong bath.
Gongs work on all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.
Dis-ease begins in the subtle energy body, and over time migrates to the physical body. Therefore if we take steps to remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy we keep ourselves healthy, re-tuning and harmonising every part of our being.
The gong sounds have a clearing effect and may help to shift stuck mental and physical patterns. Bring up and clear old emotional issues and trauma, allowing us to move on.
Most people feel extremely relaxed and de-stressed after a gong bath session, whether in a group situation or one-to-one. The gong sounds may take us into a deeper level of consciousness where we can re-connect with the stillness and peace that is at the core of our being.
Some people have a very peaceful experience and feel re-energised and re-charged. Others go more deeply. Some people have profound healing experiences. Others sleep through the whole gong bath! Every bath is an individual experience and the sounds produced are entirely right for whoever is present at the time.
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