Meditation - such a worthwhile practice - it does take some patience but it's worth the effort. Meditation gives us space for ourselves to process our lives. The eventual results may be amazing!

We may find that we become less inclined to react to the niggly stuff and begin to see the bigger picture. Thoughts have more clarity, we find that we can choose how we want to react to situations. 

This six week course aims to:
*Dispel some of the myths surrounding meditation

*Discuss possible barriers such as sitting well

*Explore techniques to prepare the body and mind

*Explore reactions to distractions

*Use simple breathing and concentration techniques

*Find tools that work for you.

Benefits are many. I can't list everything here. Contact me for more information. 
DM/Email/contact form and more details on my website.

I look forward to sharing my experiences of meditation and helping you discover this wonderful practice for yourself.