If you have not had a gong bath before it is an amazing experience, which is a deeply individual experience even if it is done in a group. All you have to do is bring along something to lie on and anything else you need to keep you comfortable and cosy for the time of the bath. Around 50mins.

The vibrations of the gongs fill the room and influence the physical and subtle energy bodies of the participant(s) and work to bring them back into balance. It can be a deeply relaxing experience, sometimes it can be quite detoxifying both mentally and physically. The effects may be noticed even in the days after the experience.

I will be doing the gong baths at various locations. To book click on any of the book now links on this website. www.sharyoga.co.uk this will take you to the booking site. You will find the baths listed in amongst the yoga classes. They are listed monthly.  Or click this link https://bookwhen.com/sharongisbourneyoga#focus=ev-sox8-20210315130000

If you have any health issues I may need to know about, any further questions or would like details of how to book a private session please contact me.
Note: Although the gong bath in Blockley is advertised as the 2nd Monday of every month the first one will be on the first Monday due to venue availability!
Please tell others if you think that this is something that they may enjoy.