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Sharon Gisbourne Yoga Treatments

I offer a number of specialist treatments at Sharon Gisbourne Yoga that are the perfect antidote if you are feeling stressed, tense or stiff. I offer 1:1 sessions at my location in Evesham, Worcestershire. Please get in touch if you would like to book a session.





Swedish body massage in Worcestershire

Swedish Body Massage

Swedish body massage is a therapeutic massage that is great for improving muscle stiffness, increasing joint mobility and improving your mood. It involves soft massaging of the delicate parts of the body and stronger strokes on the more muscled areas.

Swedish body massage is relaxing, peaceful and the perfect antidote to the rigours of modern life. There are countless health benefits including better blood circulation, pain relief and an increase in endorphins to boost your well-being.

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Gong Sound Baths in Worcestershire

Gong Sound Bath Coming Soon

A gong bath is a kind of sound therapy which involves the use of a gong to bath you with melodic sound. The vibrations of the gong will wash through your body to lull you into a meditative state. You may feel relaxed, calm and happy whilst the sounds calm every cell in your body and brain. A gong bath is perfect if you feel stressed, tired or tense.

I am currently undergoing training to become a qualified gong practitioner. Please check back regularly for updates when these sessions will be available.






“After joining the class in 2012, yoga with Sharon has become an enjoyable and important part of my life, which I look forward to every week. I always feel comfortable in class and move to my own ability and am never pushed beyond it.

I often use some of the different types of breathing taught in class to help me sleep and to meditate. Sharon is a kind and nurturing teacher and very approachable. Yoga keeps me healthy and balanced.”

Jill Broadhurst