Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of promoting well-being in both the body and mind. The word yoga means “Yoke or Union” which means harmonising body, mind and spirit. I find that most people come to value the sense of well-being that yoga produces in their life. You will start to notice an enhancement in your health, body and clarity of mind. You will also start to notice your body more and will eventually take control of your own life and health.

With regular practise you will learn to tap into your energy reserves when needed and know instinctively when not to waste energy either physically or emotionally. You will also find your respiratory system will function more efficiently and that your ability to concentrate will be increased.

For many people who lead a stressful, competitive and fast-paced lifestyle, yoga is perfect. Often we become overworked and tired, which lowers our ability to concentrate, sometimes making us depressed and lethargic. This in turn closes up our bodies and stops us breathing properly, which stops our bodies finding the energy that they need to function efficiently. This is why yoga as a system of personal growth and development in balancing the body, mind and spirit is essential. Yoga is powerful enough to free the body from all of these symptoms of stress.

Deep relaxation focuses the body, mind and emotions. Asana (Yoga postures) will increase muscle flexibility and relieve muscle tension. Control of the breath through Pranayama (breathing techniques) and during asana work will ease the process of respiration, calming the mind and emotions.

Meditation will enhance our patience and give us clarity of mind. Yoga also affords us the time to work at our own pace and to know our own personal limitations. Each individual can use and develop their own practise, which makes yoga a very personal and wonderful set of principles to be involved with.

Yoga can be used in almost every aspect of life. Society is demanding and yoga is an excellent safe space when you need a break. It is like a tool box which can be reached into to find what you need for that moment in time.





"We have been receiving weekly two on one yoga tuition from Sharon for almost eight years. Originally we were taking yoga to help protect ourselves from the over exertions of our gym classes elsewhere, but over time we grew to love yoga for itself eagerly anticipating our sessions with Sharon.

She has been particularly good at focusing on areas where we might need particular attention, to build strength and flexibility. An hour and half would pass very quickly - and best of all is the wonderful relaxation session at the end - the perfect antidote to modern life!"

Lucy and Andrew



Yoga FAQ

Am I able to eat a meal before a Sharon Gisbourne Yoga class?

Please don’t eat a large meal less than 4 hours before the class begins. Something light like a sandwich is okay up to 1 hour beforehand. Ideally the stomach, bowels and bladder should be relatively empty. This is because the abdomen and its organs are often compressed, inverted or squished in some way during some postures. Also blood and energy that the body would use to digest the food can be used by the brain and muscles instead.

What should I wear?

Shoes are not normally worn. This is to allow the toes, instep etc. to be free and in contact with the floor. Even the slightest heal on a shoe will affect the muscles in the legs and the position of the spine. Working with bare feet also helps prevent slipping in standing postures. Warm socks can be worn in other postures and during the relaxation. Wear clothes that don't restrict movement. Layers are good and a warm top is a good for the relaxation at the end.

What equipment do I need?

A non-slip Yoga mat (widely available on the web). A lightweight blanket that can be folded to provide padding and/or to keep you warm during the relaxation. A block, 2 bricks and a yoga strap are useful. Most importantly you should bring an open mind!

What to expect?

Sessions at Sharon Gisbourne Yoga will start with a short time of relaxation/breathing, the aim being to shake off our day and become focused on our yoga practice. This is followed by warm-up exercises, asana (Postures), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and finish with a 15-ish minute relaxation. Everyone is encouraged to work at a pace suitable to them. I will never ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do and different versions of postures will be offered as appropriate. Although concentrating on what we are doing is important, I hope we can have a laugh too! Remember that yoga is non-competitive and not goal-oriented.



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